Thursday, January 8, 2009

Scarlet Letter Essay Topics

Scarlet Letter Essay Topics:
150 Points
Due: Wednesday 1/14
Outline Due: 1/12

Essays are to be no less than four pages, and in perfect MLA formatting. I would also like you to incorporate a works cited page at the end. Focus on use of active voice to make your argument more assertive.

1.) Describe why Dimmesdale’s torment was especially poignant for him, and why he believes it is a blessing from God. Begin with his original sin and take us all the way to his death.

2.) After reading The Scarlet Letter and The Crucible, we have an inside look at four characters dealing with the sin of adultery. Do you believe it is more successful to publicly bear your sins, or to deal with them privately? Give examples from each story to support your opinions.

3.) In the Puritanical societies of Salem and Boston, how can one be forgiven for their sins? Begin with the construction of these societies and how that makes it challenging to be forgiven, and then describe how different characters misguided searches helped you to realize this?

4.) Describe the symbol of the forest. What role does the forest play in both The Crucible and The Scarlet Letter? How is this role integral to the development of each plot? How does the town center contrast the forest? Historically, why do you think the forest was associated with Evil and the Devil?

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